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RT 200/10 2D redesigned

The RT 200/10 2D cement testing machine received a redesign with numerous innovations. The new base of the machine has been completely redeveloped and redesigned. Many years of experience and use of machinery by our customers have been incorporated into the design and development.

RT 200/10 2 D überarbeitetRT 200/10 2 D überarbeitetRT 200/10 2 D überarbeitet


At the new base, we improved the ergonomic layout of the controls on the machine. All switching and valves were installed optimized and are now even easier to reach from the operator.

Newly developed Machine substructure
The new housing has a longitudinal recess on the housing bottom. In developing the fork shape was taken into account by conventional material handling equipment to facilitate transport and installation. The new sub design creates greater standing and stability. The new case offers you:
- Optimal use of handling equipment such as forklifts and Hubwaagen
- Simple thread of transportation equipment under the housing
- Easy follow all of the testing machine even in narrow spaces
- Improved stability of the entire testing machine with new design

Simple and optimized access to all machine components 
Through various panels on the side parts and the back of the housing, you get a quick access to different components. On the front-side disassembly of the entire hood can be dispensed. The different apertures parts are secured with screws and allow easy access for servicing.

High-quality processing of housing / housing coating
With the new vanity we sat in the Shell Plating entirely on powder coating to resist damage in the demanding laboratory. By powder coating the surfaces of the Maschinenunterbauten significantly more durable, scratch and acid resistant.


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